1974 Chevrolet Corvette Parts and Accessories

1974 Corvette Parts

1974 was another year of “lasts” for the Corvette. ‘74 was the last car not to have catalytic converters, and was the last Corvette offered with true dual exhausts. In fact, in 1974, each muffler had a resonator built in to help improve the exhaust note. The “big block” engine was also last offered in the 1974 year model.The LS4 used 454ci to produce 270 hp. All high-displacement Corvette engines since 1974 have been built on the “small-block” design.

The ‘74 is also known as the Corvette with the split bumper. It was the second year of the urethane bumpers, and in the 1974 design, a seam at the middle of the front bumper joined the two halves together at the license plate. 1974 was the only year to employ the “split bumper” design. Subsequent years used one piece bumpers.

Chevrolet sold 37,502 Corvettes in 1974, but the Convertible only made up 5,474 of the total Corvettes sold. Base price crept up to about $6,000, and as evidenced by their low value in the current market ($12,000-$17,000), this model is not in high demand.

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