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05-13 Window Valet

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The C6 Corvette Window Valet adds "cool" functionality to your Corvette's factory key fob. Use your keyless entry remote to:

  • Remotely roll down your driver and passenger windows
  • Window venting support
  • Unlock doors when park brake is set
  • special "subtle alarm"
  • Get a high-speed/tach report

One of the easiest modifications you can add to your C6 Corvette, just plug in to your diagnostic port. No wires, no cutting, no tools, no permanent modification - just unplug to remove. Instructions included.

To lower the windows via remote, press the remote unlock button three times. To raise the windows, press the remote lock button three times. (Or to prevent the car from blowing its horn multiple times, unlock-unlock-lock may be used.) For the features to activate, the buttons must be pressed in rapid succession, with less than one second between two sequential clicks.

Special Window Venting Feature: The window venting feature allows you to use the remote to leave the windows down about half-an-inch for airflow on hot days. To use this feature, simply issue the remote window up command when both windows are already in the fully up position. The Window Valet™ for C6 Corvette will recognize that the windows are already up and assume that you want to vent the windows. This feature, just like the remote window control, does not require any additional configuration.

The "subtle alarm" mode will cause the horn to toot three times whenever someone pulls on an outside door handle while the car is locked. If a valid FOB is detected and the door unlocks because the C6 Corvette passive mode is enabled, the horn will not sound. It's a "you're busted" message to kids trolling for unlocked cars

"Unlock on brake" will unlock the doors whenever the park brake is set. It will re-lock the doors whenever the brake is released. This feature is only available when the engine is running. It's convenient when dropping off a passenger when driving the C6 Corvette manual transmission.

The "high speed/tach report" will show the highest speed and the highest RPM recorded by the Window Valet™ for C6 since it was last cleared. These values are shown directly on the speedometer and tachometer's analog needles. Only mph on a 200mph style gauge is available. To recall the values, press and hold RESET on the Instrument Panel Cluster while tapping unlock six (6) times on the driver's door panel. Speeds up to 100mph will be shown. To show the remainder over 100mph, press the GAUGES button. Press RESET again to exit, or press FUEL to clear the high values and exit.

Installation difficulty: 1

Our technicians have determined that the installation difficulty level of this item is a 1 on a scale of 1-5. Read more about our install ratings here.

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Model Year 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
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