1994 Corvette Parts

1994  Corvette Parts

The 1994 model year saw several changes to the Corvette. Leather seats became the standard for Corvette, since the cloth option was no longer available. Occupant safety was improved with the addition of a passenger airbag. R-134a refrigerant became standard for the Corvette’s air conditioning, and the refreshed instrument panel graphics changed from white to the color tangerine at night.

Since the reintroduction of the Convertible in 1986, Corvette owners asked for a glass rear window on the rag top. The tendency to fog up plagued the vinyl window, and over time, the vinyl also grew cloudy. In 1994, GM fixed this by installing glass rear windows in all convertibles. To sweeten the offering, GM also included a defogger grid in the rear window.

Admiral Blue and Copper Metallic were two new colors added in ‘94, but Copper Metallic saw limited production (only 116 cars) due to concerns raised over paint quality.

On September 2, 1994, the National Corvette Museum Foundation opened the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY. Built to showcase Corvettes from every generation, the museum is located directly across the street from the GM plant. Also unique to the museum is its program which allows new Corvette owners to take delivery of their cars at the museum. Visit the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green; it’s the experience of a lifetime!

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