1996 Corvette Parts

1996 Corvette Parts

In 1980, GM offered RPO L82 as a standalone engine option for the Corvette. This 350ci engine produced 230hp, and was available with any Corvette. After 1980, GM offered one engine option for the Corvette, except on special cars like the ZR1. In 1996, for the first time in sixteen years, and for 1996 only, GM offered the LT4 engine as a standalone engine option for the Corvette. It included the six speed manual (RPO MN6), and with its higher redline (6300 rpm), produced 330 hp.

To celebrate the last year of the C4 Corvette, GM offered two special packages for the 1996 model year. RPO Z16 was the Grand Sport Package. All Grand Sport cars were painted Admiral Blue with white striping, and red hash marks on the left fender. Grand Sport cars were outfitted with sport seats, 5-spoke aluminum wheels (painted black), and the LT4 engine. 1,000 Grand Sports were made. Of these, only 190 were convertibles.

The other special package offered for the ‘96 Corvette was RPO Z15, the Collector Edition. It was available with any Corvette, and included silver 5-spoke wheels, sport seats embroidered with “Collector Edition”, and wide tires.

Total production for the 1996 model year was 21,536. 4,369 convertibles were built, and 17,167 coupes rounded out production.

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