1993 Chevrolet Corvette Parts and Accessories

1993 Corvette Parts

On modern cars, it’s not uncommon to approach the car and open the door without ever unlocking the doors. The key fob acts as a transmitter, and once it reaches the right proximity to the vehicle, the doors unlock. Then, once inside the car, the driver merely pushes a button to start the vehicle. Chevy first installed this passive keyless-entry system on its 1993 Corvette. Drivers merely approached the Corvette and actuated the latch. Turning the ignition key caused the Corvette’s 300 horses to scream to life, or in the case of the ZR-1, 405 hp.

These additional horses prompted Car and Driver to include the ZR-1 on its “Ten Best Performers” list as the car with the highest top speed, at 179 mph (Car and Driver, January 1994). Over half of the 1993 ZR-1 cars were also optioned with RPO Z25, the 40th Anniversary Package. 1993 marked the 40th year of Corvette production, and GM commemorated this with the 40th Anniversary Package, which included Ruby Red interior and exterior, special wheel trim, and commemorative emblems. This package was available with all Corvette models, and leather seats, which became standard after ‘93, all featured the 40th Anniversary emblem on the headrest. Out of 21,590 cars sold in ‘93, 6,749 buyers chose to add the $1,455 Z25 option to their car.

Always known as America’s sports car, throughout its production, the Corvette continued to be priced at or near the median income for a typical U.S. household, and on the Corvette’s 40th birthday, this was no different. In 1993, the reported median income in the United States was $29,819 (Dave Manuel). The base price of the 1993 Corvette coupe was $34,595, only a little higher than the median income during a less than optimal U.S. economy.

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