63-67 Conv AcoustiSHIELD Front Floor Insulation
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Classic Corvette owners love the looks of their Corvette but often times want the comforts of today's late model vehicles, including vibration control, sound dampening and heat barrier insulation. With AcoustiShield your C2 Corvette can take advantage of all the benefits of an automotive insulation and sound damping system that will give you the quiet riding comfort you desire. These pre-cut carpet and floor pan insulation kits will insulate and control noise, vibration and heat. Includes easy-to-follow installation instructions and everything you need to do the job right.

The first stage of the AcoustiSHIELD floor pan insulation is the installation of series of pre-cut Dynamat Xtreme sound dampening pads that are strategically located in the trouble spots within your Corvette. They will help control unwanted body panel vibration and noise. Each piece is mapped and labeled for proper placement.

Stage 2 features the installation of the high-tech HeatShield absorber/barrier insulation which is then bonded to the floor pan - providing sound deadening and insulation from radiant heat penetration from the engine, exhaust and roadways. Each absorber panel is cut to the correct shape and labeled for proper placement.

Each Corvette carpet insulation AcoustiSHIELD kit will provide:

  • Reduced Road Noise
  • Reduced Exhaust Harmonics
  • Eliminate Mechanical Noise
  • Stop Body Panel Vibration
  • Reduce Radiated & Reflected Heat
  • Stop Audio System Vibration

Note: Specifically designed for the 1963-1967 Corvette convertible interior compartment to fit under the front carpet and seats.

This item is proudly Made in the USA

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Generation C2
Model Year 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967

QuietRide Solutions

Is there lots of road noise in your classic Corvette? Would you rather be able to listen to your 8-track in peace? Maybe an AcoustiShield from QuietRIDE is the right fit for your Corvette. Like so many car parts companies, QuietRIDE started when Timothy Cox, the founder, needed something for the car he was restoring, a 1931 Buick Convertible. In 1977, after working on the Buick for a decade, Timothy decided to replace the firewall insulator, but couldn’t find a single replacement option on the market, so he learned how to mold fiberglass, and eventually friends started asking him to do the same for their cars. Over the subsequent four decades, Timothy’s side hustle turned into an LLC with trademarked product lines. Most recently, QuietRIDE acquired a water jet cutting system, which shoots a stream of water the size of a human hair at 60,000 PSI. Whether you need firewall insulation or a custom-molded hood insulator, Zip’s line of QuietRIDE Solutions has the perfect fit for your Corvette.

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