2000 Corvette Parts

2000 Corvette Parts

Y2K didn’t harm the Corvette one bit. Corvette sales rose slightly, to 33,682 cars. The ‘00 Vette entered the new millennium much the same as it was in 1999, but Bowling Green added three new colors to the lineup. Torch Red replaced Firethorn Red, and was the most popular color with 6,700 orders placed. The other new colors, Millenium Yellow and Dark Bowling Green Metallic, sold 3,578 and 1,663, respectively.

Passive Keyless Entry, which unlocked the doors when the key fob was in range, was discontinued due to owner complaint, and Active Keyless Entry was installed instead. The cylinder lock was removed from the passenger side, but was retained on the driver’s side of the vehicle in case of battery failure.

The wheels on the 2000 Corvette were changed, and the Polished Aluminum Wheels (RPO QF5) were installed on 15,204 cars. Selective Real Time Damping and the Z51 performance package both received slight modifications which improved vehicle handling and occupant comfort.

The coupe remained the most popular model, with 18,113 sold for a standard MSRP of $39,475. The Convertible sold for $45,900, and 13,479 cars moved off of dealer lots. The hardtop sold only 2,090 cars, but retained its low MSRP of $38,900.

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