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63-82 Shark Bite Front Coil Over Suspension (Double Adjustment-Medium Springs)
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The Shark Bite coil over front spring and shock packages for 1963-1982 Corvettes allows for easy ride height changes without the need to disassemble the suspension. In addition allowing you to adjust the individual corner loads for a better, more balanced handling C2 or C3 Corvette.

Viking shocks are cutting edge race designs with velocity sensitive valving. Whether you have a full time race car or a street car, these shocks will provide the best performance and ride quality available. Single adjustable shocks are adjustable in rebound while double adjustable shocks allow for both rebound and compression adjustments individually (unlike many other adjustable shocks). All shocks have 4 inches of total ride height adjustment and are constructed out of aluminum and blue anodized for lighter weight and better heat transfer. Shocks are completely rebuildable, making them lifetime components.

Shark Bite Front Coil Overs are available in different springs rate combinations that will give your Corvette the desired handling characteristics. For example, different spring rates will give you a stiffer or softer ride, but shock adjustment can affect that ride. If you go cruising into a long corner, the stiffer your springs are, the less body roll (leaning) you will get. The softer the springs are, the more body roll you will get. The valving of the shocks will determine how fast you get to that maximum roll point.

Here are some of the advantage of adjustable shocks:

  • The goal in tuning a suspension is to allow your Corvette's tire to stay in contact with the road surface for maximum traction. Any given spring / shock combination has different characteristics when it is compressed (loaded) versus extended (unloaded). That is because there are other factors like gravity at work to help the spring extend and then hinder it when it compresses. Having the ability to independently adjust extension and compression friction or damping allows the suspension to be set for optimum traction.
  • With the Shark Bite suspension system, adjustment is as simple as turning the knob at the base of the shock to increase or decrease damping. The single adjustable have one knob for both compression and extension, while double adjustable have two knobs, one for compression and one for extension. Double adjustable shocks are recommended for optimum tuning.
  • Heavy vs. Light Spring Rate: The higher the spring rate, the more force it takes to compress the spring. This means less body roll during cornering, less squatting under acceleration and less diving under braking will occur. In general stiffer springs improve handling by limiting body roll and increasing overall vehicle responsiveness to steering inputs and changes in direction. The car feels more controllable and solid. The down side is high spring rate is stiff ride. There are other factors like anti-roll bars affect this as well, but spring rate is significant in handling.
  • Coil Over Springs (Setup Suggestion): You can set the rate for the type of driving you are planning on doing for the majority of the time, then have a set of springs for track day or auto cross events, or a softer set for a long road trip.
  • With Shark Bite Coil Over system springs can be changed in twenty minutes or so with a good jack and floor stands. We have provided quick release pins on the Coil Overs so you can quickly change spring rates. In addition to the spring rate changes, our kit allows you to set ride height on the car by using a spanner wrench to raise or lower the vehicle ride height.

Hard springs for the Corvette enthusiast who loves aggressive driving whether on the street or the track. Springs are 650lb for small blocks and 700lb for big block Corvettes.

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Generation C2, C3
Model Year 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982

Speed Direct

We are SpeedDirect and we are devoted to making iconic American cars drive as good as they look. Steeriods rack & pinion steering systems upgrade your Corvette's power or non-power steering, while the Shark Bite line of suspension products includes adjustable control arms and front or rear coil-over suspension.

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